Dr. Khor Swee Kheng

Independent Health Policies Specialist,


Dr. Khor Swee Kheng is a Malaysian physician with international experience in the public, private, non-profit and think-tank sectors. Currently, he specialises in health systems & policies and global health, holding fellowships at Chatham House, the United Nations University (UNU-IIGH) and ISIS Malaysia. Previously, he held progressively senior practitioner roles in clinical medicine, refugee relief, clinical research and pharma anti-corruption. In these roles, he was based in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai and Paris, covering >90 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He holds postgraduate degrees in internal medicine (Royal College of Physicians of the UK), public health (UC Berkeley) and public policy (Oxford), and has published >150 articles in international media, think-tanks and academic journals (including The Lancet, Project Syndicate, Council on Foreign Relations and Foreign Affairs).